Our Products

We Start with the Best Wool

We offer high-quality wool fabrics that have been milled especially for Mary Flanagan Woolens. Our wools are made from the best Australian yarns so our wools are soft. We feature textures that are the perfect weight and weave for rug hooking, penny rugs, wool appliqué, quilting and sewing projects.

Our Dye Process

We use only the highest-quality dyes that are noted for superior color-fastness and wash-fastness. Our dye formulas are our own creations derived from combinations of reds, yellows, blues and black.

The final appearance of our unique colors depends on the fabric it is applied to. It is only by repeating the same combinations of wools in each dye bath that consistency of color is achieved. We specialize in dyeing textured wools and we seldom dye over solid white.

We are consistent in color to the best of our ability. We weigh the wool to the gram and we measure the dye to the milliliter. Dye lots may vary slightly with each dye bath due to those uncontrollable forces of nature and a little thing called chemistry that rules even our artistic world.

Hand Dyed Wool Bundles

Ten unique wools, dyed as a bundle to create coordinated fabric collections. Packaged in several sizes.

Stash Packs

Washed wools ready to use. Multi-colored packs may include new, recycled, hand dyed, and novelty wools. Choose 3-1/2 inch or 6 inch squares.